About Us

Juan Perez is the founder and director of REFCOM.

Coming from a south american background juan was introduced to rugby league at the age of 10. Falling in Love with the game he played all the way through till the age of 16. He suffered an injury that took him away from the game that he loved. He stayed away from the game until someone asked him to referee a junior match. The rest is history.

Juan has been refereeing for many years now and was lucky enough to be part of the QLD cup squad. While he was refereeing he found that nobody looked after the referees in rugby league with equipment. One of the things he found was that the main tool (the whistle) had no bands to place them on and that everyone was using string to wrap it round there hands. He designed and made the first refcom whistle wrist band. Others saw this and asked me to make them one. This is how REFCOM was born.

Exclusive to REFCOM these great bands have now been used by junior refereees all the way through to Proffesional refereees in rugby league as well as soccer, rugby union, touch, oz tag, hockey and